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How Neurosomatic Therapy helps get lives back on track

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Pain can be debilitating, causing people to rearrange their lives and miss out on the things they love. This week’s patient story shows how powerful NST can be at helping people get their lives back.

An avid horse lover, and owner, came to our clinic in 2013 after a car accident left her in severe pain. The pain was so draining that she couldn’t walk around the grocery story without leaning on the cart, nor could she groom or brush her horses (and dogs!); standing longer than a few minutes was excruciating. As an equine massage therapist, our patient couldn’t do what she loved best, spend time with horses.

Her postural analysis showed distortions of C1 and C2, these vertebrae were rotated. Additionally, she presented with an elevated and anterior left shoulder. Musculature of the neck and hips were found to be hypertonic. Her therapist addressed these issues over many treatments; including any new issues that have popped up in the following years.

Our patient was able to resume her equine massage business a year after her accident. She was also ecstatic and happy to let us know, that in 2017 she was able to ride a horse again without pain, or fear of creating pain or dysfunction after a ride. Being able to live pain free has allowed our patient to do all those little that we take for granted; she has no issue walking up or down stairs (without holding the railing!) and she’s able to hold her new granddaughter! She has reported that her migraines have decreased in frequency and intensity.

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