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Brennan Rhodes, LMT, CNS
#MA 94558

Neurosomatic Therapist

Brennan Rhodes has been involved in various aspects of health, wellness, and adventure throughout his career.

Taking to heart the quote, "When we take our eyes off ourselves and help enough other people get what they want, we'll get all we want out of life", Brennan decided to make a change in his life when he found the Center for Neurosomatic Studies. He put his strengths to use to pursue a career in NST to help others get out of pain. Not only did he graduate from CNS, his now serves as its Director of Admissions, in addition to working as a Neurosomatic Therapist at St. John- Clark Pain Treatment Center.

Prior to serving as Director of Admissions at CNS, he served as a Wellness Coordinator at the Joint Chiropractic in St. Petersburg, FL.

Brennan is also trained as a scuba instructor and for the past five years, has helped to run a medical mission in Treasure Beach, Jamaica through a collaboration between Hillsborough County Osteopathic Medical Society and the Treasure Beach Women's Group.

Today he is proud to call the St. John- Clark Pain Treatment Center home, where he works with some of the people he admires most.

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