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Kelly Dobson, B.S., LMT, CNST
#MA 39940

Neurosomatic Therapist and Educator

Kelly Dobson is a "Navy Brat" who has lived in the Tampa Bay area for the last 16 years. After graduating from Florida State University with a degree in Exercise Science, she planned to attend Physical Therapy school but found her calling in Massage Therapy instead.

She has worked as a massage therapist for 16 years, including 7 years of teaching massage therapy. Her love of teaching is what brought her into the world of Neurosomatic Therapy; she started teaching at the Center for Neurosomatic Studies in the Spring of 2017. She has completed the NST seminars and is excited to continue this new chapter in her career.

A former gymnast, Kelly enjoys working with young athletes, especially gymnasts and dancers. She loves to integrate her exercise science background with massage therapy to treat athletes of all levels.

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