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Pain Prevention Program

Are You Interested In Paying Less For Your Appointments?

Committed To Helping Create Your Best Self Through Preventive Measures

What is the financial advantage of signing up for the Pain Prevention Program?

A standard 1-hour session with one of our Neurosomatic Therapists is $140. As a member of the Pain Prevention Program, for just $125 a month, you would receive one (1) one hour treatment each thirty day period, plus discounts on additional treatments within each month.

(Exclusions apply)

Why would I need a monthly program? How is this beneficial to my health?

In addition to helping our patients financially, this program is designed to address our patients' preventive health needs. Our bodies are always under the force of gravity, and our daily activities tend to put our body in non-optimal physiological conditions, creating patterns of distortions. A monthly "tune-up" can prevent more severe, lasting health issues.

What other benefits do I receive as a member?

  • Up to five (5) gift cards may be purchased at your discounted program rate.

  • No enrollment fee. No annual fee. No maintenance fee.

  • Unused sessions roll over as long as membership remains active.

  • You are able to transfer your treatment session to a family member or friend if you are unable to use that month's session with no transfer fee.

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