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Calista McGinsie, B.S., LMT, CNS
#MA 99557

Neurosomatic Therapist

Born and raised in a small town near Indianapolis, Calista McGinsie was always very active and involved in several sports growing up. Eventually, competitive cheerleading became her passion. Unfortunately, this passion lead to a spinal cord injury through a tumbling accident at the age of 15. This event set Calista and her parents on a journey to find a solution to her chronic neck, hand, and hip pain. For years, nothing made much difference, and she lived on medication until she found a skilled physical therapist and massage therapist who both took a different approach to resolving Calista's pain. Since her experience with those two therapists, Calista always wanted to find a way to help people the same way she had been helped in getting her life back.

Calista ended up taking the long route to get there, but she believes it's so she could find the Center for Neurosomatic Studies and become a Neurosomatic Therapist. Calista graduated from Indiana University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Merchandising with minors in Business Marketing, Spanish, and Fashion Design. After graduating and working for a cosmetics company, her job eventually landed her in Tampa, which is where she discovered the Center for Neurosomatic Studies where she received a NST treatment of her own. Immediately, she knew this was a therapy that could be truly life-changing and decided it was time to act on her long-standing desire to improve people's lives physically and help them out of pain, so she enrolled as a student at CNS.

Calista graduated from the program in early 2022 and went right to work as a Neurosomatic Therapist at the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center. She also enjoys sharing her passion for this work with current CNS students as a teaching assistant. She is continuously learning more about the human body and anatomy- something she knew very little about prior to attending CNS. She is proud and excited to be part of the team at SJCPTC, advancing the field through teaching others about Neurosomatic Therapy, and having the opportunity to help others in their own journey to pain resolution.

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