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You never know when an old injury may creep up to hurt you!

Ever wonder if that fall you had years back affected anything in your body today?

That’s just the type of patient therapist Brunella has been dealing with for the past month! She had been working with a professional athlete who's been on tour internationally while being at the height of his career. During his initial assessment, the patient had complaints of a sharp right hip pain. He thought was originally caused by a bad fall onto that right hip about 9 years ago. The pain always got worse during competition season, but he remained in the game, sticking it out. He stated the pain had subsided for several years until it came back about 6 months before his visit, when stepping down from his truck. Just a small, insignificant event caused the right hip pain to flare up with a vengeance the next morning. He had previously tried chiropractic adjustments, but it brought absolutely no improvement. He took a step back from his career to focus on looking for different therapies that could get him out of pain.

It was about a month ago when a friend referred him to our clinic and Brunella had the opportunity to improve this gentleman's life. After her postural analysis in the standing and lying down positions, Brunella noticed signs of a small Leg Length Inequality. Upon confirmation with an x-ray, the patient was placed in a 4mm full foot lift. Brunella explained the biomechanics involved with his injury. The Patient immediately understood the big picture: the hard fall 9 years ago had caused the tissue around the point of impact to become ischemic or restricted in blood supply. The restricted tissue combined with the unknown short leg was preventing the hip pain to completely go away. 

Brunella is now happy to report that after 4 sessions, her patient's pain is almost gone and he is back to competing on a professional level again. He recently competed in a week-long tournament which he did incredibly! 

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