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Treatment for Speech Delays

The power of Neurosomatic Therapy to change lives never ceases to amaze, especially when we see such astounding improvements in our littlest patients!

Three-year old Elliot was brought into the clinic by his mom because he was having trouble speaking, and his school had recommended a hearing test. Therapist Kelly worked the muscles in his soft pallet and the floor of his mouth. She also tractioned his ears to help release the surrounded fascia and muscles. By his next visit, one week later, he was already speaking more clearly, and his ears had drained, resulting in a big improvement in his hearing.

On subsequent visits, Kelly continued to work the muscles that connect to the jaw, as well as the muscles within the mouth, including his tongue. She also mobilized his cranial bones. After four 30-minute visits, Elliot was feeling much better. His mom said it best in the following Facebook post:

🗣Delayed speech. This guy has had some trouble with speaking. 👂 His school suggested a hearing test.... but I know something that they don’t.....

💆‍♂️ Took him in for a treatment last week and again today. We treated the muscles responsible for opening and closing the Eustachian tube, the muscles that make up the floor of the mouth, and his tongue. 👅

His speech has improved dramatically and he seems like such a happier kid as he is able to communicate with us much easier! 💪🏼😆💪🏼😆💪🏼😆

- Quote from Jenelle St. John on Facebook.

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