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Unexplained Migraines After Head Trauma

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

We have an incredible story coming to you from one of Randy's patients. Sydney, a 20-year-old college student, was experiencing chronic migraines with no known cause.

She wanted to personally share her experience with you – “I had been experiencing migraines for about 8 months, sometimes around 3-4 times per week. Sometimes the pain would be behind my eyes, to the sides of my head, or near the back of my head, often so intense that I had to completely stop studying, lay down, and attempt to fall asleep, as the pain usually wouldn't go away until I woke up the next morning. No doctor could determine what was causing my migraines, so they resorted to prescription migraine medication to take every day after telling me that some people "just get migraines". As a college student, this wasn’t what I wanted to hear, but after receiving a concussion this past fall which only intensified the pain, I felt like I was out of options. After the semester was over, I went to the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center, as I was planning on studying abroad in the spring and was desperate for anything that would take my migraines away. I had several treatments with Randy, who found that my first cervical vertebrae was rotated, among other postural distortions. During my treatments, Randy and Shila were able to locate the cause of my atlas rotation from my pelvis and back, and after coming up with a plan of a few specific exercises and stretches to prevent the migraines from returning, I am finally essentially free from migraines! I have now been in New Zealand for almost a month, I have officially stopped taking the migraine medication for the first time in five months, and I have been spending my time studying and exploring New Zealand without the constant fear of migraines. I can't even begin to tell you how freeing that is. I am so incredibly thankful for the work of Neurosomatic therapists and their desire to actually find the root cause of my pain and not simply trying to cover it up with a medication that isn't always effective."

Thank you, Sydney, for sharing your inspiring story and we are so happy you are migraine free!

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