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Kenia Eagal, LMT, CNST
#MA 93468

Neurosomatic Therapist

Kenia Eagal is a U.S. Navy Veteran who served honorably for eight years. After transitioning out of the military, she began her family and had three wonderful children. Her interest in manual therapy began after she sustained an injury post-pregnancy. She was seeking a new direction and career path in her life, and in her search she came across the Center for Neurosomatic Studies. This sparked a new passion and interest in her life.

After being given several dismal diagnoses about her condition, it was at the student clinic at CNS that she finally found relief from her pain. Now, after having graduated as a certified Neurosomatic Therapist herself , she is excited to bring that relief to others.

She has a passion to continue learning how the body functions, and how to heal physical pain by finding the true source of the problem. As an avid educator, she strives to help patients understand how their posture, habits, history, and imbalances are keeping them in pain. By educating them, she empowers her patients to be active participants in their healing.

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