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Zakary Radtke, LMT, CNS
#MA 94726

Neurosomatic Therapist

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Zak Radtke grew up with a huge passion for sports, especially basketball. In his early 20's, he began experiencing chronic pain and injuries that severely limited his ability to be active and play basketball. After years of feeling stuck with his health and a passionless, high-paying factory job, Zak left Wisconsin at age 25 to travel indefinitely. After 18 months of travel around the U.S. and in Peru, he was drawn to the Tampa Bay area and moved here with the mission to heal himself, get out of pain, become strong, and empower others to do the same.

During the summer of 2018, he received treatment from past graduates of the Center for Neurosomatic Studies (CNS). The treatment was very successful, and his pain, posture, and body awareness significantly improved. He then knew that Neurosomatic Therapy was the career path for him, and he enrolled as a student at CNS. Now, after graduating as a certified Neurosomatic Therapist himself, he is excited to help other people eliminate pain and improve posture, functional movement, and body awareness.

Zak has a passion for continually adding to his knowledge of the anatomy and function of the human body. He is a natural problem solver and aims to heal physical pain by finding the root cause of the problem. In his own busy life, he has prioritized a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition, sleep, corrective exercise, stretching, and myofascial release. These have been huge in improving his own health, and he strives to educate his patients on their postural imbalances and how they can incorporate this same self-care into their own daily habits to become active participants in their healing.

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