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Kevin Wade, LMT, CNST

#MA 54985

Neurosomatic Therapist and Educator

Kevin Wade inadvertently began his study of massage while preparaing for a career on the stage. As part of the training in the Actors Studio at the University of Illinois, he was instructed in the use of massage, breathing, visualization and other bodywork techniques- not only to optimize the physicality of a character, but also to access creativity through relaxation. Serendipitously, Kevin had early exposure to the St. John Method of Neuromuscular Therapy when he began receiving professional treatment from a St. John Method practitioner and instructor around the same time. This combination of occurrences led to a decision to pursue a full-time massage therapy career that began in 1999. In 2008, Kevin was invited to join the therapy staff at the St. John- Clark Pain Treatment Center. He has practiced Neurosomatic Therapy exclusively since completing his training and has become a nationally recognized teacher and speaker. Through a focused and in-depth approach to treating patients and education therapists, Kevin continues to contribute to the advancement of Neurosomatic Therapy as an integrated piece of our healthcare model.

Education and Training

Kevin's formal training in massage took place at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, where he graduated in the top of his class. His professional career began at the Massage Therapy Center of Winnetka where he practiced from 1999 - 2008. In 2001, Kevin became the Assistant Director of the clinic and was instrumental in building one of the most successful practices in the Chicago area. He has worked with patients ranging from children and elderly to professional athletes, all with the focus of treating chronic pain, injury and enabling optimal performance. In recent years, Kevin has had an increased focus on treating pediatric patients with special needs as well as developmentally typical children.

Neurosomatic Therapy Training

In 2002, Kevin began his study with Paul St. John's Neuromuscular Therapy seminars and, from the beginning, he knew he had found his path. Having found inspiration from the opportunity to learn directly from Paul St. John, Kevin completed his certification in Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy. Today, he is honored to be a senior instructor with the Neursomatic Educators, Inc. staff and, most recently, has been instrumental in the development of the Center for Neurosomatic Studies as its Campus Director and a lead instructor. By his contribution to developing the Center's curriculum and his passionate approach to teaching new therapists, Kevin is actively bringing the practice of Neurosomatic Therapy to the forefront of health care.