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Frank Mazzella, LMT, CNST

#MA 78626

Neurosomatic Therapist and Educator

Frank Mazzella II has been a resident of the Tampa Bay area for over 37 years and has enjoyed working in such an amazing part of the country. Prior to starting his journey into Neurosomatic Therapy, Frank experienced and witnessed many amazing clinical outcomes with his work in Neuromuscular Dentistry. These clinical observations drove Frank to search for a new career path; a path that would allow Frank to help indiviuals through a whole body approach and perspective. This search led him to the Center for Neurosomatic Studies, where he graduated in ? and now teaches ...

In addition to graduating from the Center for Neurosomatic Studies, Frank has advanced trainings into Temporomandibular Disorders and orofacial pain, and enjoys working with dentists and dental patients to achieve their goals. Frank takes pride in the reality that he is a truly integrative therapist that can help patients overcome many body ailments, not just TMD related cases.

NST can help alleviate and resolve many painful conditions that people have sought relief from in the past but have unfortunately has no long-term success. Frank's philosophy is that "the body is a truly remarkable structure and when we can reduce systemic tension on many different planes, we can change and enrich the lives of those that we serve."