Welcome to The Center for Exercise Science and Performance

The Center for Exercise Science and Performance was developed for the purpose of returning our patients to their daily activities or sports with a decreased chance of re-injury and an increased performance level. By having an on-site training facility, we are able to utilize a multi-disciplinary team approach to our patients’ wellbeing. It also allows the treatment team the ability to oversee all the stages of rehabilitation.



Neurosomatic Therapy and Pilates


We have observed and documented very good results from the combination of Neurosomatic Therapy and Pilates. The results of the manual therapy will be sustained through the reeducation of the alignment from Pilates exercises that are tailored to the individual based on their measurements from their Posturology chart.




Certified Kane Pilates Practitioners


The Kane School Pilates in NYC is an elite training program combining classic Pilates principals with a clinical approach resulting in a therapeutic and strengthening outcome. This type of Pilates focuses on detailed biomechanics and hands on cues that safely give the body the blueprint for “anatomical neutral”. This is achieved through exercises on the mat, and/or the Pilates apparatus in which the movements initiate from the inner most core. The goal is to achieve functional movement which results in better posture and less pain.

What Makes Exercise So Important?


Research backed reasons why Pilates has been shown to be beneficial:

·      Helps with chronic pain management

·      Sharpens the mind

·      Helps insomnia

·      Helps with stress reduction

·      Beneficial to many systems of the body


·      Lowers blood pressure and improves cardiovascular health

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