Symptoms of Colic

Some estimates say as much as 40% of babies will experience some colic. An infant with colic is defined as one that is healthy and well-fed but cries more than three hours per day, more than three days per week, for more than three weeks. Despite being short-lived, colic is an extremely frustrating experience for parents who just want to make their baby feel better. Additional symptoms include:

  • Usually Begins Around 2 Weeks of Age

  • Symptoms Ease by 3 to 4 Months of Age

  • Does Not Predict Future Disposition of the Child

Causes of Colic

The true cause of colic is unclear. Usually, the condition is blamed on digestive issues such as lactose intolerance, acid reflux, intestinal spasms, or gas. Other factors may include hypersensitivity to environmental stimulation, increased hormone levels, and an immature nervous system. When direct physiological reasons for fussiness are exhausted, the diagnosis of colic is often just a simple label for idiopathic pain, or pain with no known cause.

Gentle, Effective Treatment for Colicky Babies

It is our belief that some cases of idiopathic colic are caused by postural distortions in newborns. After being scrunched in the womb, and squeezed through the birth canal, infant body structures are misaligned. When you consider where they have been living for the past few months, is it any wonder they are aching now that they have an opportunity to stretch? In an infant, newly utilized muscles spasm and strain, causing immense discomfort that is shocking to a newborn. With respect to any pain, postural correction through Neurosomatic Therapy addresses sources of pain that are considered "structural" as well as purely muscular issues. Through gentle correction of the posture, pain is resolved leaving baby free to enjoy exploring his new environment.There are many factors that can contribute to colic. Recognizing the postural imbalance, which muscles are involved, and applying treatment techniques to normalize the imbalance are vital to eliminating pain. Neurosomatic Therapy takes a systematic, measurable and efficient approach to postural balance.

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