Pain Relief So Effective, Its Hard to Believe

'How come no one else figured this out?' This is the question we hear almost daily at the St. John-Clark Pain Treatment Center. It’s only logical to think that people who have suffered from chronic pain for most of their lives and are now pain-free would be elated. However, the emotion that is commonly experienced first is anger. Patients wonder how they have spent numerous years and thousands of dollars seeking the best specialists in the world for an answer to their pain, and then after just a few treatments by one of our Neurosomatic therapists, they find their pain has finally been taken away.

The answer is not that we are exceptionally brilliant nor that other healthcare providers purposely withhold information. The answer is just that we look at the body differently. In studying the human body, there are two disciplines that the material is broken down into: anatomy and physiology. In studying these two disciplines, it becomes obvious that they cannot be separated. As the function changes, so will the form. As the form changes, so will the function. The simple act of doing a thorough postural and gait analysis is often all it takes for a well-trained Integrative Neurosomatic Therapist to get to the root of a persistent health issue. The analysis is designed to reveal muscular and structural imbalances in the body. Once recognized, the therapist can then employ a variety of techniques, including massage, stretching, and strengthening, to restore balance to the body. This in-depth anatomical approach to body homeostasis sets our treatment apart from traditional treatments for pain and other common health issues. Ultimately, it is this approach that allows us to be successful with such a wide array of conditions.

Gentle, Non-Surgical Treatment for a Variety of Conditions

Neurosomatic Therapy is based on the principle 'Form follows function, and function follows form.' What that means is that reduced functionality in a variety of body systems may be caused by a misalignment of posture. Conversely, a change in functionality may have an effect on the posture (and pain levels) of the sufferer. By carefully measuring and correcting the distortions, pain is greatly reduced or eliminated and functionality is restored. Here are some conditions Neurosomatic Therapy has been shown to effectively treat:

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